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Another Holley crap video. Let’s just show you hooking it up, not setting it. Figures Holley cant even do that right. I will stick with my edelbrock and demon carbs Can some one help Got a 92 Silverado with r4 Problem is that it kicks to 3ed in both overdrive and drive and then nun it start going high rpm and it like free spins or something no noise or anything just free spins Hoping I dont need a 3 -4 kit Can drive in 2ed gear Looking around and people saying it could be this Just seeing if some one else has had this problem as well Tips and pointers Peter Mayo: Beware they will send you one that looks like the one in the video except the stud is lower just above the bottom hole and is stamped with a letter H. What this does is increase the stroke so you won’t get the correct pressure rise. The one in the video is correct.

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The fact that it is not electrically actuated by solenoids means it requires other apparatus to regulate shift points. Simply put, an automatic transmission, whether an early or late model, relies on hydraulic pressure to change gears and to regulate at which time it does so. The vacuum modulator affects the shift points with the use of engine vacuum. Testing the Modulator 1 Block the rear wheels.

Mar 29,  · Park the truck in a place where you will be able to work on it efficiently. An ideal place is a roomy garage, but a concrete driveway, or at least a firm, smooth, level surface is needed to facilitate jacking the truck : 89K.

There are more vacuum ports on the Quadrajet then on the Edelbrock and I’m wondering if anyone knows where I should hook everything up. I put the brake booster on the back in the same place it was on the Quadrajet. There is another small vacuum port at a 45 degree angle that I hooked up the vacuum advance on the distributor to. The pcv valve went to the lower one on the front. Lastly I have one that is hooked up to my th trans that I put somewhere, can’t remember off the top of my head.

I guess I’m wondering if I installed the vacuum advance and tranny line in the correct locations. Sorry for no pictures and a bad description. I looked in my book and couldn’t find anything that looked like my quadrajet. Thanks in advance Click to expand Vac advance is the bottom port on the drivers side front of the carburetor, PCV is the large port on the rear. Do you have emissions equipment on the truck, or is it stripped bare? If its bare, you can plug off the un needed ports.

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Originally Posted by rich weyand The vacuum modulator, together with the governor, controls the shift points on the TH transmission. All stock TH s were manufactured the same; their differences in shift characteristics for specific engines and vehicles were set with the governor and modulator. The governor lives behind a cap secured by a bail on the drivers side of the transmission in front of the tail cone.

It is a little widget that spins with the output shaft. There are flyweights and springs on this spinning widget, and when the flyweights overcome the springs and hydraulic pressure, the flyweights push open a rod valve that lives in the center of the governor shaft. Adjusting the governor weights and springs can be done to adjust the wide-open throttle shift points of the transmission.

Dec 19,  · My buick is pretty much stock. At some point the original owner replaced the turbo with a new stock unit and added an adjustable wastegate. There are no hoses attached to .

Here’s how I interpret the circuit: Follow the Purple wire and select a good place to splice a 12v switch into it. When this switch is in the “off” condition the TCC will not engange at all. If you would like all three options wired then you can do the following: First you need to find the correct switch. The one I used was an automotive type switch that came with a small mounting bezel. Cut the purple wire from the brake switch and connect the switch end of the purple wire B to terminal 3 Connect the other end of the purple wire A to terminal 1 and place a jumper wire from terminal 1 to terminal 5 Connect a wire from terminal 4 to pin “F” on the ALDL connector Connect a wire from terminal 6 to pin “A” on the ALDL connector My switch lamp was connected to terminal 3 and terminal 4.

If you use an LED 3 is positive, 4 is neg. Planetary Gearsets Planetary gearsets have been in use since the earliest automatic transmissions. Planetary gearsets are made up of three components, constantly in mesh; A sungear, A planetary carrier and planets, and a ring-gear. When one gear is held stationary, and another gear is rotated, the third is driven at either a reduction , or an increase in speed, or a rotation in the opposite direction.

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Early production was a Gen3 engine in the “classic body style truck” Please let me know if PCM does not match the engine exactly. GM used different injector sizes, fuel rail types etc across engine’s and years.

Performance Online Inc. 2nd series Chevrolet and GMC truck frame mounted Hydro Boost® power brake booster kit is even smaller then the 7″ or the 8″ vacuum booster in use currently.

Index Home About Blog Newsgroups: Chevy TH shift points Date: Mon, 04 Apr 94 I have a problem in that the trans. I was going to reply to Jon directly but I thought that the answer might be of general interest so I decided to post it instead. First, I need to ask a qualifying question: If so, then the kit may the cause of your problems. In any case, read on for some ideas. A few comments about how the trans works: The harshness of the shift is determined solely by engine vacuum; the vacuum modulator is used to sense the vacuum and to change the vacuum signal into a pressure signal inside the tranny.

The higher this pressure, the more harshly the trans shifts.

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Professionally built by Morrison Machining in Glendale AZ and includes a Pontiac which is stroked to a full roller ci, Engine block has been magnafluxed before machining. Deck has been planed to zero degrees. Lunati polished crank which has been drilled and deburred for oiling purposes. KRE 85cc aluminum D-port heads, Ferrea race valves stainless 2.

How to Test a TH Vacuum Modulator.. Hook the transmission pressure gauge to this port. 5. Install the vacuum pump on the modulator and pump it up to 20 inches of vacuum. Start the engine. Observe the pressure gauge and compare the figure to that of the service manual pressure for this unit.. The vacuum pump must be reinstalled and.

Nearly 22 years ago now. Today, it has 95, miles. A large percentage of that 58, mile difference has been off-road in the Pacific Northwest. The rest has been getting to and from the trail-head to leave the pavement. I traced this rig’s history and spoke to it’s original owner not long after buying it. He had purchased it as a dealer “demo” with 4, miles on the odometer. He used and abused it hauling a 55gallon drum, hunting dog cages, and pulling a 12′ trailer before the Repo-man mercifully rescued her from him, returning her to a Mike Salta dealership in Portland.

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That’s when I say again that I’ll probably be buried in her instead of a casket. I’ll get in and the Optima Red-Top fires her up on the first try even though that battery’s 72 months came and went long ago. Mechanics I’ve talked to say they’ve seen these old AMC 6 cylinders go K miles before giving-up the ghost.

Setting The Transmission Kickdown On TH-350, TH400, And 700R4

The passing gear on the transmission has never worked. When cruising about 35 mph, if you floor it, it just slowly relatively accelerates. It seems pretty obvious that it is not downshifting. The trans is rebuilt and has no problems shifting normally otherwise. I found an electrical switch on the back of the trans that I was told was the kick down switch.

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Likes Received 2 If you look at the picture of the carb you will see that the two small vac connections are at different heights. The right hand one is lower because it sense manifold pressure under the flaps in the carb. This gives you vacuum at part throttle and the most vac at idle when the flaps are closed so you can get the best advance signal for the dissy at idle and low rpm on the transition to higher rpm where the bob weights in the dissy should take over.

If you fit a vac gauge and do some testing from idle to high rpm you should see that the left hand ports vac signal increases as the flaps open wide and rpm’s increase. As far as I remember this is the port that you connect to the vac modulator on a TH Its a long time since I did my research when I fitted my first box, But I’m pretty sure that the signal to the modulator also affects the kickdown setup as well. I think its a sort of failsafe to hold off the kickdown in full auto mode if there is no vac signal to indicate wide open throttle use at the time you floor it as the kickdown cable could be stuck in the full throttle position and giving a false signal to the gearbox.

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