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Any type of educator knows that the knowledge we empower young people with does just that—empowers. With this knowledge, we hope that these young people will grow to make the best decisions for themselves. But we do that every day when it comes to sex education. Whether we leave out information on pleasure , different sexual identities, communication , or how to deal with STIs —we are leaving gaping holes in the knowledge we allow young people to have about sex. We are gate keeping information that is vital to their health and pleasure. I was so excited! I was ready to be a sponge, soaking up all the new information!

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Evidence Dick Didn’t Declassify the NIE by emptywheel As part of Dick Cheney’s attempt to regain the love of his adoring Fox viewer supporters the other day, he threw in a tidbit completely unrelated to the accidental shooting of his friend. Is it your view that a Vice President has the authority to declassify information? There is an executive order to that effect. Well, I’ve certainly advocated declassification and participated in declassification decisions.

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With that being said, I knew that a million and one think pieces would be written: The one thing these outlets were so smug in their reporting while often getting it wrong or not understanding the nuances of a work like this. Ruby walked over to the bed, sat next to Daphne, touched the broad shoulder. Her mouth was being kissed, and she responded eagerly to those full, blessedly full, lips.

At last she had found herself, a likeness to herself, a response to her needs, her age, an answer to her loneliness. Winters, daughter of the Block Elder but is certainly a threshold for all. Pat Greene wanted to tell her story and I was willing to listen. It turns out her story is my story and your story.

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Though if you want to put pull up a selection of all the best conspiracy theories–replete with the Knights of Malta, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations–do no more than Google Anne Armstrong and William Casey. By showing these chronologies side by side, I’m trying to show that Armstrong has been there, at the least as a trusted insider, through Watergate, the October Surprise, and Iran-Contra.

Aside from Rummy and Dick–whom Amstrong apparently met during the Ford Administration–and the Bush family taken as a whole, there are few people whose careers have tracked the big Republican scandals as closely as Anne Armstrong. Armstrong apparently helped draft Executive Order , which provided new guidelines for intelligence work–including limited domestic surveillance and covert operations.

Armstrong was involved in some of the wackier anti-Soviet conspiracy theories, including the allegation that the Russians attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul. Armstrong has also had a hand in furthering the careers of both Rove and Cheney–Rove in when he was starting his direct mail company, and Cheney when he was named CEO of Halliburton.

Anne Armstrong is one person who can claim significant pull from both the strongest poles within the Bush Administration. So as we consider what Dick might be hiding about shooting Whittington, consider Anne Armstrong’s long-term role in the Republican party. Katharine Armstrong, Grande-Dame-in-Training By all appearances Katharine seems to be adopting her mother’s mantle as big Republican insider, and incidentally, as the most vocal representative of the Armstrong family.

And, like her mother, she is closely involved with the defense contractors that make Republican administrations rich. But before we talk about her lobbying, I’d like to look at some of the high-level meetings Katharine has attended. Katharine Armstrong has been invited to sleep-overs at the White House. So it’s not surprising that the former daughter of the Ambassador to the UK and a close Texas friend would get an invite.

But Katharine’s visits with Bush get more interesting when you look at her visits to Crawford.

When Even LGBTQ Sex Ed Is Plagued By The Gender Binary

It has been in business for the past sixteen years, weathering all sorts of pressures even during the times when many other magazines and newspapers were being shut down. From the looks of things, after all these years of publication, those running Zanan had no clue that this was coming and were as stunned as I was. Events that have taken shape since the license revocation suggests that the decision was motivated more by the personal and ideological animosity of a few individual members and not the whole Press Supervisory Board which presumably ordered the license revocation.

So the question of how it all happened is an important one to ask, the answer to which raises the possibility that individuals identified as supporters of President Ahmadinejad are tying to give the impression of a fait accompli without the legal authority to do so or even without the support of other institutions and individuals in charge of supervising the press. Those who know a bit about the publishing business in Iran understand that sustaining the publication of a privately owned magazine for sixteen years is a major feat.

It is not only hard politically for a magazine that deals with sensitive social and cultural issues, facing a variety of restrictions and constant threats of shut down, it is almost impossible financially.

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