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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

Skid Steer Rake

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Plan on getting dirty! Seems to be mostly long term residents but the sites are well kept. The sites are pretty darn long but not very level. We ended up with one front tire off the ground. There is quite a bit of room between sites. They have a small area on the side protected by a wood fence I guess for the wind but, oddly, there is no picnic table. The Wi-Fi was either screaming fast or not working at all.

We were located right by a hotspot. Our friends right next to us couldn’t even see the hotspot on any of their devices. Directv satellite worked fine. Verizon 4g 3 bars.

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By dan on April 24, in Tour of America , boon-docking , campground , daily , sight-seeing As we drove west last night out of Las Cruces, we contemplated making the long drive all the way into Arizona and settle somewhere in Tucson. That would have been a really long trek and we would be missing a stretch of I that we have not explored much in the past. There was close to a dozen of us that took over a corner of the parking lot. We have heard good things about this park and we decided it would be a cool place to check out.

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park is a 1, acre piece of paradise located about 25 miles Southwest of Birmingham, Alabama. The park celebrates Birmingham’s historic iron industry with a museum and a restored furnace and multiple buildings from the era.

Convert your 3-point tractor to a hole drilling machine. Belltec Industries TM48 Post Hole Digger mounts easily on three-point tractors with over 28 horsepower which have at least two hydraulic remote valves. The unique system transforms a three-point tractor into a drilling machine capable of doing what the big truck rigs do: The cylinders move the carriage up and down the mainframe slides.

Adjustable feet on the mainframe may be leveled. Since the auger is guided into the ground by the mainframe, as long as the mainframe is straight and the carriage is level, the machine will drill straight holes. The hydraulic cylinders are directly connected to the Gear Drive-Auger Carriage without any leverage or linkage.

This gives much better control over the auger in rocks, roots or soft ground. Movement is not multiplied by leverage or slack in linkage. The operator is much less likely to corkscrew the auger through a root or in soft ground. Gear DriveThe auger is powered by a heavy duty gearbox. The gearbox is protected by an automatic torque limiter within the P.

El Rancho Lobo RV Park

By thinkcarebelieve In Rockhounding Leave a comment While we waited for our tires… we were sitting around outside and whattayaknow… the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum was right across the street! I walked through the door and this is what I saw. Most of the collection was found in eastern Utah. There was colorful petrified wood that was found in Utah. This is the end of a fossilized dinosaur bone.

Rockhound is a fairly small park with only 29 total sites. Twenty-three have electric and water hook-ups, and 6 are dry sites. All the dry sites were full when we arrived, so .

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States parks that honor Senior Pass

The park celebrates Birmingham’s historic iron industry with a museum and a restored furnace and multiple buildings from the era. If you like camping, nature, and history, you will thoroughly enjoy this park. There is a very large campground at Tannehill State Park with a handful of full hookup sites. There is also a creek, a cold clean spring, miles of biking and hiking trails, a small gauge train, a sweets shop, a restaurant, 19th century cabins to rent, rockhounding, fishing, and much more.

Rockhound State Park campground lies nestled on a mountain hillside covered by a carpet of prickly pear cactus. This is a New Mexico state park so just like most others boosts large, clean, well-appointed campsites at a low cost.

Childcare will be provided. Please phone Alice at The HCA is run by an elected volunteer board. They are your friends and neighbours in the community of Hastings Sunrise. Hasting Community Association memberships are required for everyone taking part in a program or activity at the Hastings Community Centre. Buy yours at the front desk or call The HCA provides subsidies for low income users and emergency financial support to community programs.

The HCA has about volunteers, and members of the public are encouraged to become involved. Hours are 10 am to 5 pm each day. We are very proud to show the public our unique and beautiful treasures our members have crafted with their own hands. Each piece represents skill and patience along with a bit of creativity.

Lake Eufaula State Park

Garden of the Gods Courtesy of Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site Natural wonders in the area include Cave of the Winds, a natural cave system that offers everything from easy walking tours to muddy, spelunking adventures, and Garden of the Gods Recreation Area , an area filled with breathtaking natural red rock formations and beautiful hiking opportunities. Closer to town, vacationers can stop by Old Colorado City, the original site of Colorado Springs and a registered National Historic District, to catch a glimpse of restored s architecture, sample fine dining, and explore local shops.

Stop in for homemade ice cream at the Colorado City Creamery. Historic Manitou Springs offers leisurely strolls through town to sample its namesake natural spring water at the drinking fountains.

Find detailed information for Columbus Best Rv Park: 55 sites, power available, dumping available. Read reviews, see photos and more.

Midshipmen is the typical name for that and we were treated like utter scutmonkeys for the first few months as the Potemkin stooged around the edge of the Beta Quadrant as the crew shookdown. Then the strange stuff started happening. We were doing a planetary survey of Nu Pegasi VII, a barely habitable L-Class transjovian planet far enough out from the primary to, in theory, support Vulcanoid life. A little terraforming, and it should become colonizable, if wet.

Strictly speaking, I was supposed to be along for medical help, but since no one was injured yet… aside from Lt. That was until we started getting movement warnings all around us… which was impossible. Our scans had picked up no complex life on the planet. But scans or not, the flight of Icebirds that launched themselves out of the glacier we were standing on seemed fully lifelike to me. They came slicing out of the rock-hard ice, showering our team in powder, several hundred of them, and, circling once, flew off towards the nearby mountain peaks.

Each looked to be about a meter and a half from wingtip to wingtip and about cm from beak to the end of their triple-pronged tails. In fact it was Asuna.

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Great RV Park in New Mexico. Campground & BBQ restaurant on Route 66 in Santa Rosa, NM. Tent camping, RV sites, cabin. Pool and free WiFi.

Amateur, Novice and Expert. They were about five miles from each other. The trip from our location in AZ was about miles one way. From that point it was all rough gravel road, basicaly like a washboard for about 9 miles. It was a Friday morning and the reason for leaving so early was that we wanted to get through Phoenix before rush hour traffic. We did manage to get through without too much traffic and were looking forward to stopping in Wickenburg for a late breakfast.

We got to the local BK in Wickenburg in time to still get breakfast.

World 7: Star Trek TOS – Episode 1

This is the park that inspired this family to buy an RV, but that’s another story. The park is named for James H Floyd, otherwise known as “Sloppy”, a local politician state representative from decades ago. The park has a couple of fishing lakes where you can rent row and pedal boats. There are two playgrounds, one of which is in the campground.

There are a few sites located near enough to sit by the fire and watch the kids play.

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The page includes a brief description of the destination, lists and descriptions of amenities if any , local attractions and activities, Downloadable Google maps to rockhounding sites, pictures of finds rough and polished , tips, and related articles. The list of rock, mineral, and fossil collecting sites is growing! Background We bought the kids a rock tumbler for Christmas in , and started what has become a constant in our family adventures.

Rocks, minerals, and fossils seem to be a common denominator for most of our destinations. We collect and polish rocks because they are beautiful, they tell a story about geological history, and they take you places you might not have discovered otherwise. When we pull out the collection and admire our shiny colorful treasure, we are reminded of the places we have been, and the things we have done together. When we travel, we are constantly looking at the ground for all sorts of unique stones.

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