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Learning from yesterday, Enjoying Today, Expectant for tomorrow! Thursday, 17 September 20 questions to ask before you get engaged.. These questions were ‘lifted’ from T. D Jakes’ book, Before you do. It’s a great book with advice applicable to all types of relationships not just romantic ones, a lot of times when reading, I had to stop and hmmmmm The premise for this book is on tools you need to prepare yourself before you say “I DO” because sometimes people say those two important words not really knowing and understanding what they are committing to. So here they are; 1. What do you expect? What are your most prized possessions? Where do you stand on faith?

T.D. Jakes (October 6, 2018) – Position Yourself For New Opportunities

And they were grieved because of the children of Israel. Other versions says,the more they were afflicted the more they grew in strenght. The method they took to suppress them, and check their growth, v.

TD Jakes — Trade Your Peace for His Hello, brothers and sisters. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with you, particularly this message.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Everyone has to eat. Selling food for people to eat makes a lot of money. But often, making even more money is the aim of the game. If food spoils before people have paid for it, then the food-sellers miss out on some profit. The god of mammon has inspired some solutions to their problems. Add preservatives to the foods.

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God wants more for you than you can imagine. Today, be encouraged to release your faith according to His Word in prayer. It’s not even something that you have because you believe or you feel something that convinces you. But it’s something you first have in your heart. How do we release our faith? Well, the first thing we do is we ask, but you have to ask according to the word.

, October 19, October 19, , salvation, Sermons and Messages, Temptation, Vlog, 0 As Christians we believe that Satan exists. While he is not equal in authority and power to God, and is a finite created being, he is still very powerful.

And to many she is perceived as a voice of Christianity. But the spirituality she promotes is New Age. The New Age Movement the spiritual branch of the Illuminati is premised on 3 basic ideas: Oprah is one of the biggest promoters of New Age doctrine. The belief in Jesus Christ is the basic principle of Christianity. However, Oprah is not a Bible-believing Christian. She has created a Jesus that suits her own personal tastes. In fact from her own statement, one does not have to believe in Jesus or God to go to Heaven.

This is all the same deception from the Garden of Eden that Satan used with Eve: And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?


List of the richest pastors worldwide On Jan 7, 7, 89 This is a list of the richest pastors worldwide and amazingly Nigeria produced five preachers in the Top Bishop TD Jakes 1. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer. D Jakes wears custom made suits and sports a diamond ring the size of a coin. After the foundation of the Living Faith Outreach Ministry in , it has evolved to be one of the largest congregations in Africa and has a flourishing mission in Nairobi.

The Club Prayer Center brings your concerns to God in prayer. If you need ongoing support, we encourage you to contact the pastor of your local church. If you don’t belong to a local church.

Most of you will nod right now, but a lot of people have trouble to see the difference between a vision and a mission or fail to see how these two relate to each other. What is a mission? Why your youth ministry needs a mission statement and Creating a mission statement for your youth ministry. What is a vision? A vision for your youth ministry is what you dream of accomplishing in the future, say in five to ten years or so. A vision often starts with identifying what is wrong right now, with holy discontent about the current state of affairs.

A vision always has to be personal, written specifically for your youth ministry. A vision often says a lot about your values, about how you want to accomplish your mission. Your vision may very well add that you want to do this in close partnership with the parents and that intergenerational youth ministry is something you value. The single purpose of a vision is to inspire people to get behind it and start helping to make it reality.

If you already have one of the two, use that as the starting point. Your mission tells you your purpose the why , your vision tells you where you want to go the where.

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It is an inseparable part of life. Some changes bring progress while some do not but there is no power that can stop the process of changing. The wise people make the best use of change and take it as an opportunity while the rest stare helplessly at the change taking place.

Aug 05,  · UPDATE on August 4, Columbus Short is wanted after a Los Angeles judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest The actor was a no-show yesterday for a criminal court hearing regarding his recent domestic violence case, prompting the judge to issue the bench warrant.

In the Bible, faith means trusting all that God promises to be to us in Christ Jesus. So if you are going to have faith, one of the most crucial steps is to understand the promises of God. So what promises does God have for those who are unemployed? I thought of seven that I hope will strengthen and encourage you. Because of Jesus God will provide everything you need.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. But all of us, employed and unemployed, have sinned.

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Singles are a swiftly growing portion of our society. In , the Census Bureau noted that Then when you consider that as of there were 11 million widows and 2 million widowers you can see that there a whole bunch of people who are not living the married life today. There used to be a time when people who reached their adult years in a single condition were looked down on, and considered inferior to others.

However, that perception has begun to change. Many are making a conscious decision to remain single.

Our hope is that a few couples—whether dating and considering marriage, or engaged and preparing for mar-riage—would find some benefit here, getting to know each consecrates yourself afresh, over and over, so that your devotion to Christ is absolutely unshakable, and your experience of him is profoundly satisfying. I mean sepa-.

A Biography Oxford University Press, What I soon realized was that the Bible creates propaganda to sell faith in its God, especially though famous characters created to promote belief in Israelite monotheism; be they Abraham, Moses, David or Jesus. These embellished Super Heroes function like our comic book now in movies Super Heroes such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman battling the forces of evil for a world of good.

But these idealized figures simply function to serve our fantasies in a world where reality is fraught with suffering and injustice Debunking Christianity: King David and Jesus: I have posted and talked about this subject a lot on this blog. Instead of dredging them up, let’s instead look at how Chris Sims answered this question. Chris Sims is a blogger, comics writer, and simply brilliant and he happens to be an atheist.

I do not agree with everything he says and writes but he is spot-on here. The idea of Superman as a Christ figure is the herpes of pop culture criticism. No matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it just won’t go away. It’s a popular interpretation, but the thing is, it just doesn’t work. As I understand it, the entire deal with Jesus in a nutshell is that he was the Son of God, divinity made flesh who was sent to Earth in order to instruct us as a teacher and then sacrifice His life, redeeming the whole of humanity for its sins through His suffering on both a literal and metaphorical level.

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Ugh this blog disgusts me. October 4, at 8: Why are you wasting precious time here, when Brian and Bobbie need you working hard for them so that they can continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed? October 17, at 1: Jesus sees everything how is this walking in love? If you are Christian, you need to soberly think about this.

a. There is a purpose for our existence and an explanation for the way things are. Find it.

But the following video is no joke. I found it sobering. I could immediately relate to the lawyer-lady in the red dress Sarah and the year-old PK and virgin Jasmine. There is no shame in being a twenty-seven year old virgin and I marvel sometimes that I live in a society that shames people who are not willing to spread their legs and have sex with every and any man with whom they come into contact.

There are many physically attractive virgins out there; here are some examples: We law-types tend to take things very seriously. Serious students are attracted and admitted to law school. Serious students pass the bar. Law is a serious business. People come to us with serious problems. Thus, often super type A lawyer people are super serious about a lot of things — life included.

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March 7, Levities She also lives with the anger that nobody helped her, nobody intervened on her behalf, and nobody stepped in and rescued her. People may have seen, but nobody helped. In fact, virtually everywoman goes through this experience at some time.

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This is a call to action for all of us: This is perhaps the most difficult article I’ll ever write. It is difficult because I write with a frustrating reality in mind that I am most likely wasting my time. For once I write about an evil, so evil it is unspeakable, yet I feel there is no hope; no one will come to my aide, no one will come to the aide of the women who were violated and their dignity taken away so much so that death will feel better.

No, people will celebrate the culture and people will dance to its tunes. Oh, I feel hopeless! We heard, and some others watched, the other day when some undergraduates took turns To Molest a fellow student and videotaped it somewhere in South of Nigeria. And we heard, and some watched, as she begged them to kill her; oh she would have been relieved if only they would oblige her and sniff life out of her; it was better than this horror, this pain, this hurt, this humiliation, this violation, and this absolute damage.

Oh, death is not this bad she must have thought; for once she must have desired it, instead of this. Just anything instead of this. I can’t imagine, if you have not been raped, you also cannot imagine. If you could imagine and if we, as a people, could imagine we would not promote songs that praise rape no matter how subtle I first heard Mr.

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